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Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is the most cost-effective way to maintain assets and to achieve outstanding resident satisfaction

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If you are considering planned maintenance for your windows and doors let us know. Our trained engineers will be happy to come and undertake a full condition survey and deliver a fully costed proposal back to you enabling you to plan budgets and project cash-flow.

Our programmes are designed around you, we will work to your timescales, and in line with your budgetary plans.

Some things you should think about if your windows and doors have been installed for 10 years or more:

The most likely areas of failure will be that seals are likely to no longer have their original manufactured elasticity and integrity, and hardware will no longer operate as easily as it originally did. This is normal, these products are simply not designed to last for the life-time of the whole window. You have not been sold inferior products, it is just their natural life-cycle. Maintaining or if necessary, replacing these products is critical to the continued good performance of the window as a whole.

Faulty seals can lead to draughts, water ingress and general resident discomfort, while locks, handles and hinges which are not operating properly are often put under undue force by residents trying to make them work as they originally did to maintain their comfort, safety and security.

Included in the Mila Planned Maintenance Package

Our trained engineers will come and undertake a full condition survey of all your windows and doors within a designated street, estate, block of flats, sheltered accommodation or other residence type.
We will replace all draughty seals to restore the integrity of the window or door.
Will we replace or repair faulty handles, hinges or locks where required.
We will lubricate all other working parts to make them easier to use.
We will provide a NEW 12-month guarantee on the functionality of the hardware and a manufacturer’s extended warranty on the new seals and sealed units.

Interested in how we can help? Call us on 0808 100 8881 or email us at sales@milamaintenance.co.uk and see what we can offer
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