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Ongo Homes Market Hill

Posted On - November 8th 2016
The Problem

Mila were asked to deglaze all of the existing windows, remove and replace all of the glazing gaskets and weatherseals, remove and replace all the existing hardware (locks/hinges/handles), replace the 1900 existing double glazed units

with new high specification units to deliver enhanced thermal performance, add new safety restrictors to windows in all flats, replace window ventilators, remove and replace all external silicone seals and clean down all PVCu frames.

Project Overview

Mila Window and Door Maintenance refurbished Tilt and Turn Windows to 228 one and two bedroom flats in three high rise living accommodation blocks in Scunthorpe.

Nature of the works

Mila Window and Door Maintenance were engaged to refurbish 1444 Tilt and Turn opening sashes on windows which had originally been installed during the 1990s as a part of an overall refurbishment programme which included the installation of external wall insulation (EWI).

Cost benefits

Savings secured of over 40% on a like for like comparison if blocks had been scaffolded to replace the
windows rather than refurbish them.

About the client Ongo Homes North Lincolnshire

We rent houses and flats across North Lincolnshire and help people in their homes, with things like repairs and improvements, or money and lifestyle advice.

About the contractor United Living

United Living is one of the UK’s leading providers of refurbished and new build living solutions. With almost 110 years of experience.

“the feedback about the completed works and in respect of Mila Window and Door Maintenance’s ability to carry out the job has been excellent.”
What the client said Ongo Homes Market Hill, for

We had become aware of the increasing number of maintenance call outs to the blocks with regards to windows in recent years and had particular difficulty finding replacement hardware parts. With the windows having been installed for over 20 years many of the parts had become obsolete as technical advancements in the window industry developed.

We were already planning to do work to the lifts, heating system and communal areas on the blocks so it was a good opportunity to investigate the options for the windows at the same time.

We were aware of a very similar scheme which had been undertaken in pretty much the same circumstances at Gentoo in Sunderland and so we visited their site to see what had been done and to see the positive impacts on their blocks and on their residents.

The cost of replacing the windows for a second time would have been prohibitive, added to which was the potential damage to the external insulation system, disturbance to residents and the negative environmental impact.

Our residents are always supportive of what we try to do and understand that we try to offer them the best solutions; after meeting with Mila Window and Door Maintenance and talking to our residents, and following a full assessment of all the options available to us it was clear that a ‘refurbishment scheme’ rather than another replacement of the windows was a viable and very attractive proposition.

Going down the refurbishment route rather than replacing the windows is clearly a fantastic outcome
for Ongo and its residents; the feedback about the completed works and in respect of Mila Window
and Door Maintenance’s ability to carry out the job has been excellent.

Resident Feedback

The site achieved outstanding resident feedback. Particular emphasis was placed by the residents on
the following:

  • Lack of disruption to their lives and their homes during the work
  • Immediate impact of the new double glazed units in terms of both thermal and acoustic
  • Ease of use of the new window handles and hinges
  • Speed of workmanship
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Cleanliness of workmanship

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